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Homemade Paste for Veggie Stock

Homemade Veggie Paste

Homemade Paste for Veggie Stock Our homemade paste for veggie stock has one mesage: Stop using chemical powder from the Supermarket to make your own veggie stock. This homemade paste… Read More

Homemade Korma Paste

Homemade Korma Paste

Homemade Korma Paste Tradition and roots The korma paste is an important ingredient in the Indian cuisine. It has its roots in the Mughlai cuisine. It is strongly influenced by… Read More

Homemade Indian Curry Powder

Indian Curry Powder

Homemade Indian Curry Powder Curry and India can always be named in one sentence. All over India you can find hunderts of differnt curry powders and most of them have… Read More

Tamarind Chutney (Imli ki chutney)

Tamarind Chutney (Imli ki chutney) This Tamarind chutney is well known all over South India. The fresh and bitter taste of the tamarind gives many dishes a very special taste.… Read More

Homemade Garam Masala

Homemade Garam Masala

Homemade Garam Masala Garam Masala is one of the basics in Indian cuisine. You can buy this spice mixture in every supermarket today but we show you how you can… Read More

Homemade Coriander / Cilantro Paste

Homemade Coriander / Cilantro Paste

Homemade Coriander / Cilantro Paste This is a basic recipe for a super delicious coriander paste. You can use this paste for cooking, as a dip or you just eat… Read More

Homemade “Asian Style” Burger Patties

Homemade “Asian Style” Burger Patties We like to have BBC and we missed some Burgers with Asian flavors. So we decided to make our own creation. We combined some simple… Read More

Homemade Ghee

Homemade Ghee

Homemade Ghee Ghee is one of the Basics in the Asian cuisine. Ghee is widely used in Indian cuisine. All over India, rice is sometimes traditionally prepared or served with… Read More

Homemade Ginger Ale

Homemade Ginger Ale Ginger Ale is not a typical Asian recipe. It´s a refreshing lemonade that has it´s roots back in 1850 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We love the taste… Read More

Thai-Style Garlic-Ginger Paste

Homemade Garlic Ginger Paste

Thai-Style Garlic-Ginger Paste This garlic and ginger paste serves as the basis for many dishes in Thai cuisine. It rounds off the flavor and is an irreplaceable ingredient for many… Read More