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Homemade “Asian Style” Burger Patties

Homemade “Asian Style” Burger Patties We like to have BBC and we missed some Burgers with Asian flavors. So we decided to make our own creation. We combined some simple… Read More

Thai Pork Skewers (Moo Ping)

Thai Pork Skewers (Moo Ping) Are you tired of making Burgers or Spare Rips? In Thailand this super delicious BBQ Pork Skewers are called Moo Ping (หมูปิ้ง). Not only Thais… Read More

Massaman Beef Skewers

One of our favorite Currys is the Massaman Curry. In this new recipe we used the Massaman flavor to make some super delicious skewers. A special meal for some special… Read More

Saté BBQ Sticks with Pork Filet

Saté BBQ Sticks with Pork Filet Are you missing some Asian flavors at your BBQ? Here is our simple and super delicious solution. It will take some time to marinade… Read More