my name is Martin and I started this blog in 2014 when I returned from a long trip all over Southeast Asia. At that time I had fallen in love with the countries, the people and especially the food.

My passion for cooking and traveling were finally combined in a blog and since 2014 it has grown steadily. Further travels, for example through Nepal, India and Sri Lanka, were added and since then enrich the recipe diversity on my blog. When cooking, I rely on a mixture of tradition and creativity. Both are reflected in my recipes again.

Gardening & Cooking Together

Even though I am fascinated by traveling and the Asian culture, I like to come back home. There I live together with my wife Kathrin and my three children Aimee, Elena and Paul near Würzburg. We have a small house with a beautiful garden in which I grow my own vegetables. For growing vegetables I always use free seeds. My wish is to achieve an ecological balance with nature and to use short distances. If something is not growing in my own garden I get it from one of the farm stores in the area. All vegetables from the garden thus also end up on the plate.

Since the social aspect is very close to my heart, I do not always cook alone. I am often supported in the kitchen by my friend and rice companion Matthias, who loves cooking, gardening and the Asian culture at least as much as I do.


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