Why I started to write this blog?

Why Food? Why Asia? And why Love? 3 simple questions – 1 simple answer. If you travel in Asia like me and if you try to find some new different and special things. If you keep your eyes and your mind open for a new taste. You will fall in love with the Asian cuisine! That´s the reason why I started to write this blog. To share my love with all of you! Thanks to Pecilius in Singapore for the idea! Enjoy reading and exploring the asian cuisine!
Yours Martin

The lovefoodasia team

At the beginning of 2016 I made a big step and moved the blog from wordpress.com to an own hosted page. Now we are 100% lovefoodasia.com
In the kitchen we are two guys living near the German city Würzburg. We are Martin and Matthias and we both love to cook. And we love to travel in Asia. Our Team member number three is Lynn from Georgtown on Penang in Malaysia. She posts some authentic recipes from Penang and Malaysia.
If you are interested in Asian food and you love to cook our write you can contact us. We are always looking for new team members from Asia.

Healthy Food and organic ingredients!

Our goal for every new recipe is to use fresh and organic ingredients. Here in our area it is easy to buy fresh ingredients from one of the farmers located around Würzburg.

Gluten free, lactose free, vegan?

Are you looking for a gluten free or lactose free recipe? Or do you want to cook a vegan meal? We are prepared: Many of our recipes are in one of those categories. Just have an eye on the small black symbols located under the SERVINGS site of every recipe. You also can find recipes with meat and fish with the little black symbols.


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