Indian Flatbread (Roti Prata)

Indian Flatbread (Roti Prata) Roti Prata is a well known side dish in Southeast Asia. Especially in Singapore, Malaysia and India you can find this delicious bread. This roti is… Read More

Malay Street Food – Nasi Lemak

Malay Street Food – Nasi Lemak Nasi Lemak is a Malaysia based rice dish also eaten in Brunei, Singapur and in the south of Thailand. Mostly it is served as… Read More

Malayan Anchovy Sambal (Ikan Bilis Sambal)

Pulled Tea from Malaysia (Teh Tarik)

Pulled Tea from Malaysia (Teh Tarik) Teh Tarik is a Indian based tea that is also famous in Malaysia and Singapore. You can find this kind of tea in the… Read More

Vegan Zucchini Noodles

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Indian Flatbread (Roti Canai)

Indian Flatbread (Roti Canai) Roti Canai is a type of indian influenced flatbread found in Malysia, Indonesia and Singapore. It is known as Roti Paratha in Southern Malaysia and Singapore,… Read More

Nonya Sambal with Seafood

Nonya Sambal with Seafood Sambal in Malaysia and Singapur are the foundation for some many dishes in this region of South East Asia. The Nonya Sambal is uncooked and pounded,… Read More