Month: September 2016

Tomato Dip from Laos (Jeaw Mak Len)

Tomato Dip from Laos (Jeaw Mak Len) Jeaw Mak Len is a traditional tomato dip from Laos. The locals like to eat their dip spicy. You eat this dip with… Read More

The historical park of Sukhothai (SEA 49)

Last post: Timeout in Sukhothai (SEA 48) When you have visited Bagan a few days a ago coming to this area is like a disappointment. The temples here look like… Read More

Timeout in Sukhothai (SEA 48)

Last post: Let´s go: Second time in Thailand (SEA 47) Days without plans and obligations are very important when you travel. And today we had one of those days. It… Read More

Let´s go: Second time in Thailand (SEA 47)

Thwà-me-naw Myanmar (SEA 46) We woke up at 6:30 am and I was really tired. But our car was waiting in front of the hostel. Our host had organized this… Read More

Elderly people in Myanmar playing Chinlone

Filmed in Nyaung U in the valley of Bagan. It´s amazing when you watch those old guys playing. If you´ve ever tried to play this game you know how hard… Read More

School class in Myanmar singing

On a 3 days hiking trip from Kalaw to the Inle Lake we passed a litte village where this kids where singing in front of their school. In Myanmar kids… Read More

Thwà-me-naw Myanmar (SEA 46)

From Yangon to the Golden Rock (SEA 45) I´m laying in my bed in Hpa-An. Here we found the first hostel in Myanmar. I am listening to the Buddhist prayer… Read More

From Yangon to the Golden Rock (SEA 45)

Last day in Bagan (SEA 44) When you get kicked out of the bus at 3 am (for a second time) it is more than annoying. But this time it… Read More

Last day in Bagan (SEA 44)

Last post: Temples, temples and temples (SEA 43) On our last day in Bagan we had to say goodbye to Sen. She has booked a yoga class in Yangon so… Read More

Temples, Temples and Temples (SEA 43)

Last post: Bagan – Light and shadow (SEA 42) After a super simple breakfast (2 slices of toast, egg and powder coffee) we went to get our bicycles for today.… Read More