Let´s go: Second time in Thailand (SEA 47)

Let´s go: Second time in Thailand (SEA 47)

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We woke up at 6:30 am and I was really tired. But our car was waiting in front of the hostel. Our host had organized this transport to the border for us. There was a guy and his wife and we took place in the back of the car. Both couldn´t speak English but hand speaking was okay for them.

Our car had to cross a mountain pass and there was no good and safe road to drive on. Before we reached the bottom of the mountain our driver and many other cars made a stop next to the road where the breaks where cooled down with water. What? Do they know what they are doing here?

The dive was like a Formula One race. I didn´t know if I should be afraid or if I should laugh. Our driver was overtaking wherever it was possible and we could feel why he cooled down his breaks. But everyone was driving like this. At the end he was 2 seconds faster than the other cars around us and he seems happy about it. We we reached the bottom of the mountain on the other side the breaks where cooled down for another time. Ok. Cold water on hot metal. Good idea…

After 5 ½ hours we reached the border and it was easy to cross the border. We made it to the bus station and after 3 more hours we reached Sukhothai in the north west of Thailand. Tomorrow we need a break and planned to do absolutely nothing.

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