The historical park of Sukhothai (SEA 49)

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When you have visited Bagan a few days a ago coming to this area is like a disappointment. The temples here in the historical park of Sukhothai look like a tiny copy of the temples we´ve seen in Bagan. But when you see this place without thinking about Bagan it is also worth a visit.

Today we started early and rented a scooter for one day. The park is 14 km away from New Sukhothai and so we decided not to rent some bicycles.

At the end we´ve visited some of the temples and had a long nap in the shade of a tree.

On the evening we went out for really good food. I had a super delicious soup and the family that owns the street food stall helped we learning some Thai. Kob-khun-ma-ma for the teaching and for the soup.

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