Temples, Temples and Temples (SEA 43)

Temples, Temples and Temples (SEA 43)

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After a super simple breakfast (2 slices of toast, egg and powder coffee) we went to get our bicycles for today. And there was one surprise: We got the best bikes we´ve had in SEA so far.

It is the best way to visit the temple valley by bike. The temperature is much higher as it was next to the Inle Lake and the wind on the bike was more than welcome. First we drove to the Swe-zi-gon Paya. A big golden stupa in Nyaung U with an amazing view especially when you visit it during the morning.

One a new road we drove to New Bagan where we could visit the temples we haven´t seen yesterday. And we found some really nice temples where no groups of tourist are. At some of them we also had a great view all over the valley.

We made a lunch break at a small street food stall where we had Shan khauk-swe noodles. A typical dish from Myanmar. From there we followed a small dusty path down to the Ayeyarwady river where we had a nap in the shade of a big tree.

On the afternoon we drove from temple to temple and I can´t remember the names. There where to many of them. Small temples, tall temples and high temples. We saw all kind of temples. But in every temple was a Buddha statue and in one of them it was not allowed to take pictures because of the paintings where made in the 11th century. And in every temple it was the same we saw yesterday. Young locals tried to sell their handmade stuff and we had some work to get rid of them.

On the evening when sunset was near we drove back in direction Nyaung U and found a temple that was perfect for watching the sunset. But the travel guides of the bus tours knew this spot as well. So we where not the only people on top of the temple. We had to climb higher than the older tourist and so we had a fantastic view all over the valley on Bagan. It was a moment like yesterday. You have to go there on your own to feel what I felt. A perfect day came it it´s end.

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