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The Kuang Si Falls in Laos (SEA 63)

The Kuang Si Falls in Laos (SEA 63) Last post: Luang Prabang: Food, temples and markets (SEA 62) Today I went out with Olga, Lucasz, Aurelie, Marco from Florence und… Read More

Thwà-me-naw Myanmar (SEA 46)

From Yangon to the Golden Rock (SEA 45) I´m laying in my bed in Hpa-An. Here we found the first hostel in Myanmar. I am listening to the Buddhist prayer… Read More

Thai Basil

Thai basil (Thai: โหระพา;Vietnamese: húng quế) is a type of basil native to Southeast Asia that has been cultivated to provide distinctive traits. Widely used throughout Southeast Asia, its flavor,… Read More