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Khmer Lemongrass Paste (Kreung)

Khmer Lemongrass Paste Kreung

Khmer Lemongrass Paste (Kreung) When you are travelling in Cambodia you will get in touch with Kreung very early. This lemongrass paste is the heart of many Khmer dishes. The… Read More

Sesame Sticky Rice (Num Tiep)

Sesame Sticky Rice (Num Tiep) Sweet sticky rice with coconut and sesame seeds is delicious Khmer ethnic food. It’s very easy to make and everyone in Cambodia loves it. My… Read More

Khmer Spring Rolls with Pork and Eggs

Khmer Spring Rolls

Khmer Spring Rolls with Pork and Eggs This is a traditional Khmer spring rolls recipe with minced pork meat and eggs. You can combine it with the kind of vegetables… Read More