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How I felt in love with Nepal – Part 2 (Nepal 26)

A child buddha in Kathmandu

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How I felt in love with Nepal – Part 1 (Nepal 25)

Annapurna mountains by night

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A bumpy bus ride to Kathmandu (Nepal 22)

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Annapurna Circuit: Back to Besisahar (Nepal 8)

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Annapurna Circuit: Tal Village to Timang (Nepal 5)

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Annapurna Circuit: Bahundanda to Tal Village (Nepal 4)

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Annapurna Circuit: Besisahar to Bahundanda (Nepal 3)

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Bus to Besisahar (Nepal 2)

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Welcome to Nepal (Nepal 1)

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See you again Hanoi – Goodbye SEA (SEA 100)

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