A bumpy bus ride to Kathmandu (Nepal 22)

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Yesterday was our last night in Pokhara. This morning we had to say goodbye to the Annapurna mountains. It was an fantastic journey with tons of amazing experiences here. In the beginnig we where disapointed that we couldn´t make it over Trong La Pass but in the end we didn´t regret every single day. Today we will have a bus ride to Kathmandu

We entered the bus in the early morning. And it was a the same procedure like on our first bus ride from Kathmandu to Besisahar. The bus was fully packed. Chickens and goats included. But we where happy to have a seat on this 6 hours bus ride. On every stop more People where packed into the bus. Animals included!

When you enter a bus in Nepal you´ll have a free massage because the ride will be very bumpy.

We arrived in the early afternoon at the city limit. The traffic in Kathmandu is horrible and so it took us nearby an hour to drive to the city center. We stepped out of the bus and searched for a hostel. We´ve met a guy on our trip who recommended one and so we checked in a few moments later. On the evening we got out for some street food and came back to have a cold beer in our hostel.

We only have to days in Nepal and so we will go out for some sightseeing in Kathmandu tomorrow.

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