The Streets of Hanoi (SEA 98)

The Streets of Hanoi (SEA 98)

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If you try to describe the originally character of Vietnam you have to name the city of Hanoi. When you want to explore traditional life you can find it right on the streets of Hanoi. The street food stalls and small restaurants are owned by locals and you can find more restaurants like this than some fancy restaurants like in other big cities in Asia. There you can find McDonalds, Burger King and Co. everywhere. But it is different in Hanoi. On one sight it is a progress every big city has to go through but on the other sight it is a progress that will destroy the traditional way of living.

But Hanoi is not only full of good food. Hanoi is full of scooters and motorbikes. The streets of Hanoi are the pulse and the lifeline of the city. When you visit the biggest city in North Vietnam for the first time you might be overwhelmed with all the traffic. But when you stay for a few days in this wonderful city you will become a small part in this big clockwork.

“Hanoi is a wonderful city?” some might ask me now. Well, Hanoi isn´t full of architectonical highlights. On the contrary: The mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh was rated as the world ugliest building once. And it is true that there are many old buildings here. But this is not what I mean. It is the life on the streets and the people who live here. They make this city to my favorite city in Southeast Asia. When you go out for a long walk you will find many small details that make Hanoi to a wonderful place.

When you look at my snapshots many of you won´t see what I see. But when you give Hanoi a chance you might see the beauty that I see when I come to this city.

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