Annapurna Circuit: Bahundanda to Tal Village (Nepal 4)

Annapurna Circuit: Bahundanda to Tal Village (Nepal 4)

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After our tired bones felt asleep at 7:30 pm I woke up at 6 am. At dawn I went out on the balcony to listen to the rooster saying good morning to us. I took a deep breath and started to realize were I am. Yes, finally I´m on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. I also realized that I don´t have some muscle pain from the first long trekking day. A real good sign. Seems like I´m in a good shape.

After a delicious breakfast with veggie stew and Masala Tea we packed our backpacks and started with day two. At 8:30 am we had to go downhill first. In the beginning there was a great view from Bahundanda down to the valley. Our way up to the lovely village Tal brought us along rice terraces always with a good view on the Marshyangdi River.

We crossed a few suspension bridges and met many porters and mule convoys carrying wood and plants. We saw cute goats and where surprised by a big capuchin monkey crossing the trail right in front of us. There was always a reason to take a picture.

A porter is a serious job in the mountains of Nepal. There are so many villages that couldn´t be reached by any motorized vehicle. So a porter or a donkey is the only chance for the inhabitants to get the things they need for living.

We had a short lunch break in Chyamche with a fresh mint tea and walked further steep uphill in direction Tal. On a few km we had to walk on the new Jeep road witch was built in 2012.

Many trekkers say this street is destroying the beauty of the trail. On one side they are right but on the other side this street is a better way for the locals to get a faster connection to the health system.

On the last part up to Tal we had to force us to keep on walking. It was exhausting as hell. Through fields with goats and cows we arrived on top and where rewarded by a great view on Tal.

The village Tal is built on a sandbank directly to the Marshyangdi River and the village is full of little good looking guesthouses. We found a good guesthouse for the same conditions than yesterday. But the best thing was a warm gas shower at the end of a long day.

After sunrise we could feel that we´re way higher than Besisahar because the temperature began to fall quickly. Extra blankets for the sleeping bag were absolutely necessary. Once again we had Dal Baht and ginger lemon honey tea and felt to bed.

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