Bus to Besisahar (Nepal 2)

Bus to Besisahar (Nepal 2)

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At 7 am the alarm hit me direct in my sleepy face. The last night I woke up a serval times because of the barking street dogs. (Kathmandu is full of them). I still was tired when we took our backpack to take a walk to the “New Buspark” of Kathmandu. The hostel owners gave us a good description to reach the buspark easily. The 40 minutes walk on the dusty streets was my morning exercise and we arrived there just in time. Getting a ticket for the local bus was easy and 30 minutes later we took place in one of the instable looking busses.

Most of the busses in Nepal where extravagantly painted and most of them will make you smile when they pass by.

The bus started and after a while we left the chaos of Kathmandu behind us. We had 137 km to go and I most of the western countries a bus will arrive after 1 ½ hours at the destination. But not in Nepal. Streets here are worst and bumpy. It took us 6 ½ hours to arrive in Besisahar. The bus was overloaded as hell and funny things like a goat where packed on and in the bus.

On half way we had a break in a little village and we made the first 100 % Nepali food experience. A little boy with his bike was standing close the main road. He had a kind of worktop in front of the bike were he prepared a simple dish called “Jackpot”. This typical Nepali Street Food is a “must try”. For one portion served in an old paper we paid 20 NPR (20 Cent). The spoon was a part of an old cigarette box. This authentic kind of salad was very delicious!

On the late afternoon we arrived in Besisahar. We went to the Permit Checkpoint and registered for the Annapurna Circuit. After that we took a necessary cold sower in a small hotel close to the checkpoint.

Besisahar is the starting point when you want to hike the Annapurna Circuit. If you don´t have enough time you can take a Jeep to start from Chame. But you will miss many good views on the first part of the trek.

Refreshed and hungry we started our search for more typical Nepali food. We found a small place where Momos were served. We had 2 portions with a basic veggie soup. Very delicious and filling.

Momos are Nepali dumplings and you will find them everywhere in Nepal. It´s a dish you can eat to every day- and nighttime.

After the dinner we went straight to bed to be fit enough for trekking the next day. Our plan is to start as early as possible.

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