See you again Hanoi – Goodbye SEA (SEA 100)

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With a crying and a laughing eye I will step into my plane to Frankfurt. On one side I will miss traveling and the daily new impressions. But on the other side I will be happy to see my loved again.

When I look back and think about my last three month here in Southeast Asia it is hard to tell you about one special highlight. There where so many. But I try my best.

The county I liked the most was Myanmar. The friendly people and the traditions in this country will be in my memories for a long time. A place on earth I haven´t been for the last time.

There where some many impressive moments and places on my trip. The Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, Koh Lipe in Thailand, North Laos and the temples of Angkor, Vietnam and especially Hanoi in the end. And many other wonderful places in between. There are no bad memories when I look back.

I have to say “Thank you!” to Pecilius in Singapore. She made my start in Asia as easy a possible. I also had a great time with Matthias and I´m sure it wasn´t the last time we´ve travelled together. And I´ve met many nice, crazy and very friendly backpackers on my whole trip. Everybody I met made my trip absolutely perfect to me. Now my pockets are full of contacts from all over the world and starting my next trip will be way easier the next time.

And now I will step into my plane. Now I just want so see my home, my family and my friends again. Thanks to all my readers. I hope some of you guys are now in a mood to travel to this wonderful part of the world one day. See you on the raod!


On my last night in Hanoi I was really drunk. On my way back to the hotel I met some guys drinking vodka and eating snails. We had a drunk conversation and I woke up with the hardest hangover I´ve had for years.

On the next pictures I went to a barbier in Hanoi on my last day. It was a place right on the steet and the locals where smiling because I was his first western looking customer. He did a great job I think.

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