Silence: Arriving in Pai (SEA 52)

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We took place in a mini van to leave the touristic city of Chiang Mai. After 3 ½ hours we arrived in the village of Pai. The village is located in the center of the Huai Nam Dang national park right next to a small river.

Once it was a secret place for hippies and you can still see some old hippies here. But nowadays the city and tourism have arrangend very well. And you can see it when you walk on the streets here. Souvenir shops, Thai massage studios and restaurants with western food everywhere.

We found a nice hostel called Pai Circus School (Update 2019: Pai Circus Hostel) on top of a hill located on the outside of Pai. There we had a great view all over Pai with a beautiful sunset view. Piceless!

The highlights here are located around Pai. The nature with lots of waterfalls and hot springs are waiting for us. In the next days we plan to relax and rent a scooter to explore the area.

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