Chiang Mai and the Wat Chiang Man (SEA 51)

Chiang Mai and the Wat Chiang Man (SEA 51)

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The second day in Chiang Mai started with a delicious soup in one of the small side streets of the city center. From there we walked to the most famous temple of Chiang Mai. The Wat Chiang Man. It was the first temple of the city and was built in 1297 right in the city center.

For the rest of the day we just walked in the streets of the city and had a look for some authentic street food. And we booked a bus in direction Pai. A small hippie village in the north east of Thailand. There is tourism as well and the village isn´t the small village it was years ago but there are less tourists than here in Chiang Mai.

At night we went out to see the night market. It is flooded by tourists but it is worth a visit when you are in Chiang Mai.

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