Asian Carrot and Sprout Summer Salad

Asian Carrot & Sprout Summer Salad This a light and fresh summer salad with an asian touch. We eat this salad as a BBQ side dish and also with fresh… Read More

Laotian smoked eggplant dip (Jaew mak khua)

Laotian smoked eggplant dip

Laotian smoked eggplant dip (Jaew mak khua) This traditional eggplant dip from Laos made of smoked eggplant is very simple and I´m sure you haven´t had this one before. It… Read More

Asian Cabbage Salad

Asian Cabbage Salad Cabbage is a typical fall and winter vegetable. We love it not just because it contains lots of iron and vitamin A. Our cabbage salad is fresh,… Read More