Month: November 2015

Pandan Leaves

Pandan is a herbaceous tropical plant with long green leaves. In Southeast Asia, pandan leaves are used to lend a unique taste and aroma to many Thai desserts and some… Read More

Malacca, Malaysia (SEA 5)

Last post: Singapore – Main Attractions (SEA 4) The trip to Malacca was an easy 3 hours bus trip from Singapore. My first bordercrossing in Asia. When the bus arrived… Read More

Singapore – Main Attractions (SEA 4)

Last post: Singapore – It´s all about food! (SEA 3) After a short night and only one cup of coffee in my hostel I started my way to the Marina… Read More

Red Fish Curry

Singapore – It´s all about food! (SEA 3)

Last post: Welcome to Singapore (SEA 2) Don´t worry, I´m not writing about eating this little monkey you can see as main picture. No, its about my second day in Singapore… Read More

Nasi Lemak

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