The culinary and cultural highlights of Singapore

The culinary and cultural highlights of Singapore

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After a short night and only one cup of coffee in my hostel I started my way to the Marina Bay.

Marina Bay is a bay near Central Area in the southern part of Singapore, and lies to the east of the Downtown Core. The area surrounding the bay itself, also called Marina Bay, is a 360 hectare extension to the adjacent Central Business District. It was the first stopp on my “Main Attractions” tour in Singapore for today.

After a short stop in Chinatown I bought my ticked to visit the roof top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The 20 S$ are absolutely worth it to visit. The fabulous view is amazing. But also the view from the ground is impressive. The architecture of the Marina Bay Sands with it´s swimming pool on top is unique.

The Gardens by the Bay

From there I walked (just a few steps) over to the Gardens by the Bay. This area is a big plant and garden park where the entrance is free. But the main attraction is the Flowerdome and the Cloud Forest. Both attractions are a must see in Singapore and you have to pay 28 S$ to visit them. The flowerdome also was full with Christmas flowers. Like in many places in the city you can see that all the people here love Christmas. You can hear Christmas songs everywhere in the city center. And you are surrounded by flashing Christmas lights.

After a short break I met with Pecillius at the Clarke Quay and we went to have dinner at the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant. She was happy that she could order for me to show me all the different super delicious meals. I forced myself to eat everything but it was impossible. We had the original Singapore Crab (Incredibly amazing).

  • Venison (deer meat) with ginger and spring onion.
  • Stir fried broccoli with scallops.
  • Chicken satay. (Basically meat string onto a stick, barbecue over fire. The satay sauce has crushed peanut and others. The sauce is important. You can use other meat too. Satay is quite common is Malaysia.)
  •  Fried deshelled prawn with cereal.
  • Seafood Hor Fun (Hor Fun is a kind of noodle in thick gravy, the meat can be changed.)

Then it was time to say goodbye to Pecilius and I was delighted that I could visit Singapore with a friend. We promised to keep it touch and so we did until now.

I had a long walk back to my hostel. I still could feel my filled stomach. I heavily felt to bed and thought about my next day. The way to Malaka, Malaysia.

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