Tiny island in Thailand: What to do on Koh Lipe?

Tiny island in Thailand: What to do on Koh Lipe?

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Yesterday we arrived in this piece of paradise. It wasn´t hard to find a cheap sleep here. The bungalows are much more expensive than the sleeps in Bangkok or on the rest of the main land. But for an island it is still cheap.

Here on Koh Lipe you have the chance to go to 3 bigger beaches. The Main beach, Sunset and Sunrise beach. The main beach where we arrived the day before is the beach where the fancy resorts are. When you arrive as a backpacker you should avoid this part of the island.

Better go to one of the other two beaches. But you are allowed to go everywhere. I got up early and went to see the sunrise at the Sunrise beach. This is absolutely worth it. After the sunrise I went to find some good food. This is like everywhere. Just follow the locals and eat where they go.

Good local food

So I found a place like a little Thai bakery and a fruit and vegetables store. So I bought some fried Thai sweets and little bananas and we had a great breakfast at our hat.


The north part of Koh Lipe

The rest of the day we did one of the most done things on this island. We relaxed on one of the beaches. For the next day we planned to do at bit more. We want to go out for snorkeling. When you have a diving license you also can go out for some great diving trips.

In the evening it isn´t hard to find some good food. But you have to search for your favorite. There is fresh fish everywhere and at those places you can´t to anything wrong. Just choose your favorite kind of fish and the chef (mostly a Thai housewife) is preparing it on open fire for you.

Read more about good food on this tiny island the next days.

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