Trekking tour to Inle Lake – Day 3 (SEA 40)

Trekking tour to Inle Lake – Day 3 (SEA 40)

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It is wonderful to wake up in a row with two guys from Poland, Matthis and a Chinese-Canadian Girl. It was 6 am and we all have slept on the hard floor. We all have tried to warm our bodies under a big banket. We had a very cold night but when Tidar showed up with a smile and a warm green tea the cold night was out of my mind. The family served us some pancakes. What a surprise.

The last day of our trekking had begun and we walked up though the fog in the valley until we reached the top of a hill. From there we saw the sunrise hat came out of the fog. Everything around us seems to stand still in that moment. The landscaped changed for another time. We saw big trees and cactus on our way to the Inle Lake.

We also passed another school in a small village and had a chance to have a look on the inside. We saw the basic classroom and we saw the kids singing in front of their school.

In 5 hours we passed the villages Kauk Su and Nan Yoke that are settled by the Pa O. We came to Done Lie where we had our lunch. There we had to say goodbye to Thidar and Momo before we entered a small boat that brought us to Nyaungshewe. We passed the swimming gardens in the south of the lake. We saw hard working people in their watered gardens. Their houses are built on stilts directly on the Inle Lake. The view out of the boat was outstanding. We saw the fishing men doing their hard work on the Inle Lake on their boats. A picture you can see in every tourist guide.

In Nyaungshewe we found a cheap hotel and went out for a diner and a beer. Tomorrow we planned to rent a bike to explore the villages around the lake.

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