Trekking tour to Inle Lake – Day 2 (SEA 39)

Trekking tour to Inle Lake – Day 2 (SEA 39)

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I woke up without any pain and without a cold witch I think is very surprising after this cold night on the hard floor. It seems that the chilies and ginger are helping my immune system to stay strong.

After the simple but delicious breakfast with rice and veggies we started the second part of our trekking tour. Thidar painted our faces with tanaka. This root is a kind of natural cosmetic and sun cream. The people use it all over Myanmar.

We walked through many fields full of chili plants, garlic and ginger were the famers did their hard work. There are no machines in use. The farmers use their bare hands and oxen on their fields. But wherever you walk the people are smiling. It is good to see that people are satisfied without all the modern stuff we are used to for a long time. The landscape is great and I enjoy every step here.

Our lunch for today was with a family in Kone Hla. A small village where the ethnic group Da Nu is living. Thidar and Momo prepared a simple meal on the typical fire place in the kitchen. We had a short nap before we continued our walk though the beautiful landscape of the Shan State in the heart of Myanmar.

On the early evening we arrived in Battu Bauth were we slept in a small hat. This time a family of the Pa O ethnic group where our hosts. The hat was simple like the day before. No tab water and a small toilet hat next to the house. Really authentic. After the diner witch was delicious for another time I spent some time with the family next to an open fire. How simple life an be. Thidar went out and we spoke with hand and feet. Without any words this was one of the best experiences so far.

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