Around Inle Lake by Bicycle (SEA 41)

Around Inle Lake by Bicycle (SEA 41)

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After two nights sleep on a hard wooden floor sleeping on a mattress is a dream. It felt like our basic and cheap hotel is a 5 star luxury hotel. After a simple breakfast we went out with Sen, Olga and Lucasz to rent a bike for one day. We paid 1500 Kyat and started out trip next to the lake.

The sandy road next to the lake was not the best ground for a simple bike we had. There where construction works everywhere and within just 30 minutes our bodies where covered with dust and dry dirt.

We passed many little stupas and fields full of sugarcane until we found a little company next to the street. It was a sugarcane company that was owned by a small family. We had a look how they made the sugar syrup out of the cane. The people where so friendly and invited us to have a look and taste their syrup. Like everywhere in Myanmar the people smiled and enjoyed some short conversations. When I think back to Germany its hard to understand that people back home are so unfriendly when you compare them with the people here.

From this company we followed the dusty road until we reached the Red Mountain Winery. This winery is owned by some French and is placed in the hills around the Inle Lake. We took place and tried four of their local wines. A break that gave us more energy for the rest of our day.

After an exhausting ride on our old bikes we reached the Forest Monastery. This monastery is located on a hill on the east side of the lake. The prize for our hard ride was an amazing view down to the Inle Lake.

On our way back to Nyaung Shwe the tire of Lucasz bike broke down an we had to stop a small tractor that brought him back to town. We drove back and enjoyed the late sun. After a typical Burmese dinner we said goodbye to Lucasz and Olga. They are going to Bagan and we hope for another meeting there.

Tomorrow we planned to do nothing. Book a bus to Bagan, good food, and relaxing.

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