Chiang Mai – Too much tourism (SEA 50)

Chiang Mai – Too much tourism (SEA 50)

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Our bus was 2 hours delate and so we arrived at 5 pm in Chiang Mai. And on the first view I was shocked. Ok. Not really shocked. But it wasn´t what I expected.

Chiang Mai is the biggest city in the north of Thailand and tourism is booming here. The city is full of hotels, motels, hostels, tour agencies, Thai massage studios and MC Donalds, Burger King and Starbucks. If you´re looking for authentic Thai street food you have to search. But like everywhere you will find good places to eat here. Just have a look where the locals are eating.

We found some good food where we had a traditional Khao Soi. A very popular and delicious soup that has it´s origin in the region of Chiang Mai.

But me and the city we didn´t become friends. Maybe I just was not in the mood for a bigger city. And I was not in the mood for that many tourists in one place. We planned to stay 3 nights but I think we will leave after two. Let´s see what tomorrow will bring.

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