An ineffable experience: The Annapurna Base Camp

An ineffable experience: The Annapurna Base Camp

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Perfect conditions

One more time the sun gave us a warm welcome in the morning. I haven´t slept more than 2-3 hours last night. The altitude and the thin air made my heart bump fast the whole night. I was awake thinking about the next day. I felt tired but the fact that there was less new snow than expected made me look forward and I felt way better.

The Nepali guys from our hut said it will be possible to make it up to ABC. We were at 4000 m above sea level and had another 200 m to go. Without snow this is a walking distance of 1 ½ hours. We had a short breakfast and started our way to Annapurna Base Camp.

Like Little childs

Everyone was excited like a little child and we couldn´t await to see the mountain range. The fresh snow was deep and there was no trail to walk on. So we had to make one on our own. It seems like the mighty Mt. Machupucharé in our back was guiding on our way to the ABC.

Breathtaking view

After a 30 minutes walk the sun was rising behind Mt. Machupucharé and filled the whole mountain range with full light. I can write many detailed sentences but they will never describe this breathtaking view. We all took many pictures so we needed more time to climb higher. The pace was slow (also because of the low oxygen). We had to cross a few avalanches where we stepped in deep holes of fresh snow. You could say: We had a lot of fun! After 3 hours we finally arrived at the Annapurna Base Camp on 4200 m above sea level.

For me it was like Messner made it to Mt. Everest.

I have no words for this

This moment and all the feelings I had is so hard to describe. You just can feel it when you are right up there. When you see this mighty, amazing and incredible mountain range that looks like an arena it makes you forget about everything else. In this moment it´s just you. You and the nature around you. After a few hours and after we ate the most expensive Pizza in whole Nepal we walked back to MBC. Because of a high avalanche risk we decided to stay another night there!

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