Hard way to MBC (Nepal 13)

Hard way to MBC (Nepal 13)

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One more time the weather was fantastic when we woke up. The morning sun and absolutely no clouds on the clear blue sky gave me the energy to start a long day of trekking. After a light breakfast we did so. After the village of Bamboo we walked uphill again but without the horrible steps we had to walk yesterday. On the first part of our trek we were surrounded by a jungle looking forest with many rhododendron trees. All of the were covered with red flowers. What a beautiful area.

The best on this trek is the variety of the landscape.

We just had a short lunch break and we started to walk higher and higher. After noon the sky started to get covered by clouds but we decided to make it to MBC (Machapucharé Base Camp). After the village of Deurali everything around us was covered with snow. The last part was extremely exhausting. I could feel every step in my body and the altitude made me breath like an old donkey carrying a ton of luggage.

Right after Deurali we had to leave the normal route because of high avalanche risk. So we crossed the small mountain creek and walked further on the opposite side. The snow was deep and next to the trail we had at least 1 meter of snow. On the trail which was less than 50 centimeters wide we stepped in deep holes of soft snow in every few meters. It was hard work and fun was far away for me.

Two hours after Deurali we arrived at MBC. In the meanwhile the fog around us was so thick that we only could see 10 meters or less. We felt into the first hut of MBC and my wet body was happy when we decided to pay 150 rupees per person to turn the gas heater on.

In the huts of ABC and MBC you always have to pay for a warm fire. For them it is much effort to have gas bottles up there. Every bottle is carried by one of the many porters you will see while trekking. Which makes gas and groceries way more expencive.

After we ate our Dal Bhat and right after a short card game we went to bed and it started to snow on the outside. We took all the blankets we could find to cover us and our sleeping bags. It was freezing cold and I couldn´t sleep. Will we be able to walk up to ABC tomorrow? And if not: Will we be able to go down again?

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