Step by step to the ABC (Nepal 12)

Step by step to the ABC (Nepal 12)

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I woke up early this morning and saw a clear blue sky wishing me a good morning. The mountain view was incredible. Happily I went to have a simple breakfast. I could´t await to start trekking. After we had our breakfast we started our way up to Chomrong. One hour from New Bridge we had to walk up some steps. And for the rest of the day we had to walk thousands of steps. Up and downhill.

The burning sun made walking not nuch easier but we made it to a small village wight after Chomrong were we had a short lunch break. For me it was a muesli bar & tea break 😉 From this place the mountain view was amazing. One more time.

After the break we had wo walk more steps. And more steps. And more steps. At the late afternoon we arrived in Bamboo were it started to rain a bit. We decided to stay the night. It was still offseason and we could bargain. (Bargain is one of my hobbies when traveling.) 🙂

We had a good Dal Bhat and a lukewarm shower. Which was the best and refreshing thing that day. After a few card games we all felt to bed. It was still very cold at night and we needed some extra blankets to sleep well.

I don´t need much words to describe the landscape. Just have a look at the pictures below. They show how amazing this area is!

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