Do the really eat…? (SEA 99)

A dog in a cage in Hanoi

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Before you ask: Yes they do! And everybody knows what I´m talking about. It is a fact and we won´t change it in a near future. When you are in Hanoi you will find many dogs living just for one reason. It is sad to see but you have to remember one thing: The Vietnamese do this for a very long time and for many people it is normal to eat dogs.

And there is one fact you have to think about: A pig is smarter than a dog. When you aren´t vegetarian you might think about this fact. Don´t get me wrong guys. I´m not a fan of eating dogs and I haven´t had a meal with dog meat jet. I just try to understand the tradition and the Vietnamese people.

A Vietnamese girl I met became very angry when another friend of mine asked her about eating dogs. The said that there is a very long tradition in her country and you don´t have the right to act like the moralizer when you come to Vietnam. Well, ok. That’s also not a good reason for me but it helps me to understand how proud the people in Vietnam are about their tradition. Btw.: The girl was vegetarian!

And so you can see that the change will come to Vietnam. It will still take some time but we just have to wait until the eating of dogs is on old forgotten tradition here.

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