Annapurna Circuit: Upper Pisang (Nepal 7)

Annapurna Circuit: Upper Pisang (Nepal 7)

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The cold and short night ended and I wished myself to one of my favorite beaches in Thailand. I thought about how good it would be to lay in the hot sand and have a cold Chang instead of freezing in a small village in the Annapurna region in Nepal. The weather forecast was anything else than motivating us to continue trekking. The locals said the Throng La Pass is closed for at least 5-6 days because of heavy snowfalls.

We were disappointed and decided to rest for another day and see what the weather will be like tomorrow.

During the day we walked up to Upper Pisang to see the local monastery. A few days ago parts of the monastery burned down in a fire. No one was injured but it will take the monks a while to rebuilt it.

Then we went back to Lower Pisang and ate an really delicious apple pie.

In the afternoon we played cards with the 11 year old son of our guesthouse family. We had much fun and for a while we forgot to think about the weather forecast.

The late afternoon a French and a Spanish guy showed up and decided to stay the night in the guesthouse. (The day before we were the only guests.) They told us that they have been up to Manang and decided to walk back because it´s absolutely impossible to cross the pass. Bad news…

In the evening we had Dal Bhat (what else) and played cards with the new guests. Much fun! We went to bed and tried to think positive. Maybe the weather will change tomorrow and we can continue to Manang?

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