A road trip in Vietnam (SEA 94)

Chris on his bike he bought in Vietnam

A road trip in Vietnam (SEA 94)

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In the last few years Vietnam became a famous country for backpackers and at least also for “normal” tourists. Why? Here is a simple answer: Vietnam is full of history, old culture and great landscapes with untouched nature. On 3400 km coast line Vietnam touches the South Chinese Sea. The smallest part is only 50 km narrow.

On such a length you can find so many different parts of nature. When you follow the old Ho Chi Minh Path you will find out why. Buying or renting a motorbike became famous and maybe it is the best way to explore Vietnam by your own.

There are many routs from north to south and south to north and you have the choice. But first you will need a motorbike. In Vietnam it is easy to get one. You can go to one of the agencies in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. There you better compare before you book a motorbike. And you should speak to the owners or the other travelers in your hostel. That’s always a good idea.
You also can buy a motorbike and if you are good in negotiating you maybe make y a very good deal in the end. But now you travel on your own risk. You have the choice.

When you are on the back of your bike once you have the agony of choice. Witch rout can you take? Blogger Tom has 5 ideas witch route you can take. Go and have a look. His blog is worth a visit.

Now I wish you much fun in Vietnam. Bring enough time and enjoy your trip in this beautiful country.

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