Where to eat the best Street Food in Hanoi (SEA 95)

Where to eat the best Street Food in Hanoi (SEA 95)

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It was rainy when my bus passed the city border of Hanoi. And this time it was more rain than I had the day before in the national park. Now my final 4 days of my trip had begun. And for the first time on my trip I decided to stay in a hotel. A guy from Suisse gave me an advice. I wrote an email and made a reservation. When I came there I tried to negotiate and I worked. No I stay at the Blue Moon Hotel and I pay 15 € per night.

The rain was not in a mood to stop and so I wasn´t in the mood to go out for some sightseeing. I decided to go out for a walk in the Old Town Quarter to try the typical street food of North Vietnam. The day became a Street Food Highlight in the end.

First I had the best Phở bò on my whole trip through Vietnam. I ate the soup on a small plastic chair between all the locals with lots of garlic and chili. Those side dishes can be found on many tables in North Vietnam. The place can be found at the corner Hang Dieu / Bat Dan Street.

Right after I ate the soup I tried Bánh Cuốn. Those spring rolls have nothing in common with the famous Chinese spring rolls. Bánh Cuốn are not deep fried and so the rolls are very light and tasty. They are filled with beef, chicken or shrimps. They are also served with a topping of roasted onions and fresh herbs like basil and coriander. This super delicious snack can be found Banh Cuon, 14 Hang Ga Street.

On the early afternoon I tried the coffee specialty of Hanoi. It is called Ca Phe Trung. This coffee is made with strong mocha and egg. It tastes a bit like tiramisu and the creaminess of the coffee is incredible! The coffee is a secret tip and very hard to find. There is no big sign and just a small door. You have to follow a small corridor until you reach a small patio. There you have to wait until someone is showing up. Order your coffee and follow the steps up to the roof top of this special coffee house. On the roof top you can enjoy the great view all over the Hoan Kiem Lake. This place is located in the Old City Quarter and is really hard to find. Walk to 11P Hang Gai Street and you´ll just find a souvenir shop. But if you walk in a small and dark corridor close to the souvenir shop you find Cafe Pho Co.

On the evening I found another small restaurant just visited by locals. On the entrance was a big box with brown fried “things” inside. For many tourists this box may be the reason for not eating here. But I have to say: You guys will miss some good food. I had a sit next to an old couple and I asked them to order for me. So I got
Miến xào. This is a warm salad made with rice noodles served with eel, cucumber a tasty sauce and fresh herbs. The next fantastic meal in Hanoi.

When it was dark on the outside I went out to have some beer. This beer is brewed in Hanoi and the Vietnamese call it Bia Hoi. On some streets you can find lots of places where you can get this cheap but tasty beer for 5000 Dong per glass. Another good reason for a longer stay in Hanoi.

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