The L1 to Brescia: Winnebachseehütte – Amberger Hütte (Alps 8)


The L1 to Brescia: Winnebachseehütte – Amberger Hütte (Alps 8)

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A fantastically start

The day started as the last day has ended. I woke up with a gently rushing of the two waterfalls in the background and I stayed in bed for ten more minutes just to listen this sound. Matthias was still sleeping and I wouldn´t wake him up because we had a short route to go today. I got into my clothes and stepped in front of the hut to breath the fresh morning air. I could see the sun rising behind the mountains in the east and so I decided to climb the peak next to the Winnebachseehütte.

Ernst Riml Spitz

It was a 30 minute walk up to the Ernst Riml Spitz (2.507 m). For me it was a short morning walk to bring the body in form for our last two days. On top of the mountain I watched the full sunrise and in between the silence I was 100 % relaxed. An unpayable moment.

Down to the village Gries

When I came back to the hut Matthias was still sleeping. I woke him up and a few minutes later we where standing ton front of the Winnebachseehütte and started to walk. One more time we hadn´t had some breakfast in the hut. The trail led us downhill and after a short while we could see the first trees. A few minutes later we couldn´t hear the rush of the water anymore. After one hour walking time we arrived in the small village Gries. There was a little store in the center of the village and we bought some stuff for tomorrow and for our late breakfast. The owner invited us to have the breakfast in front of his house and so we sat down in the warm morning sun to eat the breakfast.

Vordere Sulzbachalm

Strengthened from breakfast we started to walk in direction of the Amberger Hütte. The trail was next to the Fischbach creek and was just moderate steep. It seemed like a perfect route for families with smaller children. For us it felt like a short Sunday walk. After one hour we reached the Sulzbachalm where we decided to make a short break (again). We ordered a beer while we sat down in the warm sun.

Amberger Hütte

After the “beer break” our legs felt heavier than before and so we walked slowly up to the Amberger Hütte (2.135 m). Our todays destination can be reached by car and the trail is a graveled road. Not the best part of our trip. 30 minutes later we stood in front of the DAV hut and went into our room to have a short nap. During the afternoon we walked into the valley and came back for another delicious mountaineer meal in the Amberger Hütte. Tomorrow will be our last day and we have one more peak to climb. We just had one more beer after the dinner. Moments later we went to our room to sleep very early.

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