Trip to Georgetown, Penang (SEA 13)

Trip to Georgetown, Penang (SEA 13)

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There´s a feeling I could not explain. There´s a kind of special vibe in the city George Town on Penang.
This place is full of culture, arts and very good food. A place you can´t miss when you travel in Malaysia.

About George Town
The inner city of George Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The enclave consists of colonial architecture built during the heyday of British rule over the Straits Settlements (PenangSingapore and Malacca), mixed with Chinese shophouses, five foot ways and places of worship of various religions. George Town is awarded the UNESCO listing for its “unique architectural and cultural townscape without parallel anywhere in East and Southeast Asia“.

Busride with all senses
First of all we had to get here. We entered the bus we booked the night before and the bus picked up some other locals and also a few backpackers on the way to Georg Town. After one hour a poor young backpacker girl shitted her pants on the bus. OMG! I still can smell it. So we had to make a stop and the girl tried to clean everything. fter 5 hours on a very comfortable bus we arrive in the center of George Town.

Good Food in George Town Part 1
We stepped out of the bus, searched for a hostel and found a cheap but clean place close the heritage buildings of George Town. After we´ve dropped our backpacks Lynn showed up for some good food that night. She brought us to some places a tourist will never come. Thank you Lynn for this great experience! The next day we will have more good and traditional Penang food with her she promised.

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