The Temples of Angkor – Day 2 (SEA 77)

The Temples of Angkor – Day 2 (SEA 77)

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Yesterday I had a long conversation with a ticket supervisor at one of the temples I visited with my bike. He told me that he´s a student and he wants to practice English more and more. His dream was to become a tourist guide in Angkor one day. So he asked me if I want to join him on a tour to some of the temples I haven´t seen jet. And the best thing is: He wants to do this for free. I was surprised but we was happy to have someone to speak English with.

He picked me up at my hostel at 7 am and we drove from temple to temple with his scooter. All the temples where located on the outside of Siem Reap and I was happy that I was sitting on the back of a scooter now.

We visited many temples and he had so many information to every temple we´ve been. In between we had some traditional street food and this was the only thing I could pay for him.

The best temples of the day where the Banteay Samre and the Banteayn Srei. The Banteay Samre was built like a citadel and is in an absolute good shape. The Banteay Samre is the temples with the best ornaments of all the temples in Angkor.

When we came back to my hostel I tried to give the guy money for gas but he wasn´t accepting it. A situation that shows me how friendly the Cambodian people are.

Now I´m sitting on the ground floor of my hostel and I will jump into the pool for one more time. Oh yes. A pool and the best hostel I´ve been so far.

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