The red dunes of Mui Ne (SEA 83)

The red dunes of Mui Ne (SEA 83)

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My second day in Mui Ne started with a Vietnamese breakfast on the street where I had to search for the right spot for a while. As you know I already searched for street food 1 ½ hours yesterday. From there I directly went down to the beach where I ate some fresh fruits and had a beer while I watched the kite surfers. And of course I made a jump into the cold wet sea.

After a nap at noon I rented a scooter and left the touristy part of Mui Ne to visit the old fishers village where you don´t meet so many tourists. There I walked though the small streets of the village and went down to the beach where I could watch the fishing men at work.

Next to the fishers village are the red sand dunes of Mui Ne. This naturally dunes have a strong red color and became a famous sightseeing spot in this area. I walked on the dunes and made some nice pictures before I drove back to my small hotel in Mui Ne.

On the evening I went to a restaurant to have some grilled fish. The first visit of a restaurant on my trip since I made this awful experience in Laos. And the second visit of a restaurant on my whole trip. The grilled fish was delicious and I was surprised. But up from tomorrow I will eat street food again. That’s more authentic and I will save more money.

On the late evening I met two kit surf teachers in front of my hotel and had a few beers with them. This guys from Latvia live in Vietnam for 6 month a year and it seems that they have a good life here. Tomorrow I will take the bus to Dalat.

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