The 4000 islands of Laos (SEA 68)

The 4000 islands of Laos (SEA 68)

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The prefect feeling of traveling isn’t on one of the temples or at one of the hot spots where you take some pictures for your gallery. No. This morning I had this perfect moment. I was sitting on a small boat on the Mekong and the sunrise was kissing the water. Everything around me seems to be perfect. I haven´t had the feeling to take my camera and make a picture. I was happy to enjoy this moment. My moment.

The bus drive ended – with a 3 hours break included – after 22 hours on Don Khong. The biggest island of the 4000 Islands is not that crowded and not many backpackers are staying here. We found a cheap and clean guesthouse and I enjoyed the first shower after 2 long days of being on the road.

Tomorrow we will take a small boat in direction Don Det. This is the most visited island here.

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