Sinuwa to Tadapani (Nepal 16)

Sinuwa to Tadapani (Nepal 16)

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After 2 short nights the last night I felt like staying in a luxury hotel. I slept very well and I felt totally recovered and full of energy for more hiking. At 8 am I checked my mobile and had a message in my inbox. It was from our friend from Barcelona. He has arrived in a hospital in Kathmandu and the doctors said that everything we be alright. It was, as we expected, a sunburn of his retina. He can leave the hospital today and fly home the next day.

In direction Poon Hill

We had a small breakfast (as always) and started in direction Tadapani at 9 am. The trail guided us down to the valley and I was surprised how different a landscape can look when you walk the same way just in the opposite direction. After 30 minutes of walking down we had to turn right and walked in direction Poon Hill on a new trail.

The sun was not to hot that day and it was comfortable to walk on top of a valley. For lunch we found a small guesthouse were they made a fresh stinging nettle soup. A delicious variety. The last days we only had Dal Bhat or a simple breakfast. This soup was surprising delicious.

In the last part of our trek we had to walk down to a river and after we crossed the bridge we had to walk steep uphill to Tadapani. At the end of a long day I could feel my bones but I tried to enjoy the walk though an old Rhododendron forest full of blossoms, birds and apes.

In Tadapani we found a nice guesthouse from were the view in direction Machapuchare was incredibly amazing!

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