Secret Places in Hanoi (Part 2 – Banh Goi)

Miss Banh Goi in Hanoi

Secret Places in Hanoi (Part 2)

For me the most impressive and the loveliest city in Vietnam is Hanoi. I´ve been there to find some special street food places and traditional vietnamese Restaurants because you will find the most delicious and authentic meals there.

Last time I invited you to try Cà Phê Trứng – the egg coffee in Hanoi. Today I show you a tiny restaurant in the Old Quarter of Hanoi were you can get the best Banh Goi of Hanoi. Banh Goi are fried dumplings filled with beef, chicken, shrimps or vegetables.

The dumplings look a bit like the Indian Samosas and will be served by an old lady. Most of the tourists would pass by without looking but the restaurant is worth a visit!

You can find it at 52 Ly Quoc Su in the Old Quarter.


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