Reload your energy on Koh Lipe (SEA 23)

Reload your energy on Koh Lipe (SEA 23)

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If there is a battery of our soul somewhere in us I´ve reloaded it in the last few days. You don´t need to plug yourself to a socket you just have to stay away from everything that is busy around you. When you are on Koh Lipe it is close to impossible to be stressed.

Now Koh Lipe isn´t a secret place anymore and there are lot´s of tourists but when you know where to go and how to act you can recharge your inner battery very well.

Everyday I got up very early to see the sunrise and made some long walks on the empty beach. Then I went to the local Thai bakery where it seems that no tourist is going to get some breakfast there. You can get different kinds of sweet sticky rice dishes there and combined with freshly bought bananas it is the perfect start in a long day full of relaxing.

There are many restaurants that offer breakfast menus for around 200 Baht per person. I paid 100 Baht for two. What a great start in a day full of relaxing.

But everything comes to an end and so we booked a ferry to Pak Bara in two days to take a bus to Hat Yai. But we have to travel again and traveling with a recharged battery is even more fun.

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