Relaxing in Pokhara (Nepal 10)

Relaxing in Pokhara (Nepal 10)

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We took the first bus in the morning to go to Pokhara from were we want to start a new hiking trip in the Annapurna region. This time we decided to take a “Tourist Bus”. We paid the same price and for me it looked like it was the same bus we had the last time. 🙂 But it was an adventure like every bus ride in Nepal. The bus was overcrowded and you could see rust on the bus in every corner. Animals were packed in, on and under the bus. Oh, how I enjoy bus rides like this one.In the morning we still had hanging heads but on the way to Pokhara we started to look forward. There will be better weather the next weeks we said to us. But first we need to charge our energy in Lakeside of Pokhara.

Lakeside is the main tourist area of Pokhara. You´ll find everything from A-Z in this area.

In Lakeside we passed serval shops were you can buy souvenirs, tea, trekking clothes, postcards and food. We passed many restaurants and bars before we found a good hotel at the end of Lakeside. We had warm showers, we could wash our clothes and we had good food and one or two beers.

Pokhara is a place to relax. You can take a walk along the lake. You can lay down and watch the Paragliders flying over the lake. A wonderful place to charge your energy and relax your tired bones after a trekking trip.

We stayed for two nights before we decided to start a trekking trip up to the ABC (Annapurna Base Camp). It was still a risk. There was heavy rain with hail in the last two days and we heard about much snow on the trek. But we were in a good mood and we started with a French and a Spanish guy.

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