Phnom Penh Highlights (SEA 74)

Phnom Penh Highlights (SEA 74)

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Yesterday I had my street food day and today – my third day in Phnom Penh – I planned to do some touristic stuff. Two days ago I´ve already been to the Tuol Sleng Museum and today I´d like to see all the highlights of Phnom Penh. After a delicious Khmer breakfast at one of the street food stalls I walked to the kings palace. The palace was built in the 1860s and after the Khmer kings the Red Khmer ruled the country from the inside of the beautiful building.
The palace is in the east part of the city right next to the Mekong river. On the square in front of the palace is a lot of green space where locals and tourist are sitting on the green to relax. And I did so. I bought a snack and relaxed in front of the palace. I´ve you come to Phnom Penh you should visit this place.

After visiting the palace I walked over to the Wat Ounalon located next to the kings palace. From there I went to the Wat Phnom. The Wat Phnom is the most famous stupa of Phnom Penh. It was built on a 27 m high hill and so it is the highest religious building of Phnom Penh.

On my walk back to the hotel I visited the national museum of Cambodia. This is worth a visit and you investigate some time to see all the exhibition about the long and interesting history of Cambodia.

On the evening I met some locals sitting in front of a small store. We had a long chat. They shared their food with me and gave me some advice what to eat in Cambodia and what´s their favorite dish.

Tomorrow is my last day in the city. I will organize a ride to the Killing Field before I take the night bus to Siem Reap.

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