Jaipur – The Pink City in one day

The Palace of winds

Jaipur – The Pink City in one day

The perfect tour for a short trip to the „Pink City“ Jaipur. Route, Time and expense.

Jaipur is a megapolis city in Rajasthan and offers its visitors many historical sites to visit. Normally we recommend a stay of 2-3 days. For all of you who are on a rush we have created this perfet one day tour in and around Jaipur. You will need some stamina to make this tour but its absolutely possible to make it. First we start the tour by walking in the Pink City before we take a rickshaw to visit the outskirts and the city of Amber. We recommend you to book a rickshaw one day in advance for a fixed price. The most important thing here: Don´t forget to bargain.

Travel time

The best time to visit Jaipur and the rest of Rajasthan is from October to March. Temperatures are not too high and it is relatively dry. When you come in April or later the temperature is mostly higher than 40 degrees Celsius during the day. The only benefit during this time is that you won´t meet many other tourists.

Expense (Entry fees and rickshaw)

First we have to say that Jaipur isn´t a cheap place for foreigners. Food is cheap but the entrance fees are much higher than the fee for Indian residents. In the last few year the prices always went higher for foreigners and maybe they will raise more. If you are a student you should bring your student card with you. You can safe up to 1oo rupees at some places. Here you can find a cost report for this daytrip!

The route

Hawa Mahal – Breakfast – City Palace – Jantar Mantar – Lunch – Panna Meena ka Kund – Amber Fort – Jaigarh Fort – Nahargarh Fort – Jai Mahal

Hawa Mahal

Time to visit: approx. 30 minutes – View on Google Maps!

We start our tour with a walk in the chaotic city center of the Pink City. We recommend you to start quite early because the morning sun is giving the Hawa Mahal an impressive appearance. The Palace of the wind has a unique veneer and is one of the most visited places in Jaipur. For there we go to one of the street food stalls in this area to get a proper Indian breakfast.

The Palace of winds

The City Palace of Jaipur

Time to visit: approx. 1 ½ hours – View on Google Maps!

The next highlight ist he City Palace. It is in a shot walking distance from the Hawa Mahal and open its doors at 9.30 am. The really nice architecture and the detailed painting on the inside of the palace make this place worth a visit.

Jantar Mantar

Time to visit: approx. 1 ½ hours – View on Google Maps!

The next sightseeing spot is also near the City Palace. The Jantar Mantar is not only a place for people who are interested in astrology. In the observatory you can find the Samrat Jantar, the worlds biggest sun watch. An impressive place in the middle of the Pink City.

Jantar Mantar observatory

Panna Meena ka Kund

Time to visit: approx. 30 minutes – View on Google Maps!


After a small snack or a proper lunch we continue our tour with the rickshaw. First we drive to Amber and leave the Amber Fort on our left side. In Amber you will find the stepwells of Panna Meena. Stepwells are wells or ponds in which the water is reached by descending a set of steps to the water level. For us this place is absolutely worth a visit to take some great pictures.

Amber Fort

Time to visit: approx. 2 hours – View on Google Maps!

Now we arrive at one of the most impressive building on the whole tour. When you´ve reached the entrance of the Fort after you´ve climbed the uncountable steps you will see a wonder of historic architecture. In the kings palace you will find the glamorous hall of mirrors. Also a good place for fantastic pictures. Our tip: Some guards are looking for tourists to show them around for a small amount of money. Those guys are always cheaper than the official guides. Good value for small money.

Jaigarh Fort

Time to visit: approx. 30 minutes – View on Google Maps!

Right behind the Amber Fort you can see the Jaigarh Fort. Both Forts are bound by a long tunnel. The military and the guards of the king should be able to protect the king in the Amber Fort so he built a tunnel to feel safer during his reign. If it is too late at this point we recommend you just to view the fort from the distance.

Nahargarh Fort

Time to visit: approx. 1 ½ hours – View on Google Maps!

Now we hop on the ricksaw again and dive back in direction Jaipur. Before we enter the city we turn right and follow the serpentines up the the Nahargarh Fort. This fort is located on a hill above the roofs of Jaipur. This is the perfect place to watch the sunset. You will get an fantastic view all over the Pink City. If you arrive early you have the chance to visit the wax museum right at the entrance of the fort.

Jai Mahal

Time to visit: approx. 30 minutes – View on Google Maps!

Right after sunset we drive to the last highlight of the day. The Jai Mahal is an historic palace that is located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake right on the way from Nahargarh to the city center. This building should be visited suring sunrise, sunset or when it is already dark. The palace is aflame by beautiful yellow light during the night. A place from more great pictures or for a moment of silence at the end of our tour.

Jai Mahal at sunset

Total expense:

You should need 2200 rupees (approx.. 27-30 €) for this day. Accommodation, food and drinks are not included. In the end it depends how good you are at negotiating. You can safe money when you get a good deal with your rickshaw driver or when you bring your student card.

Entrance Fees:

City Palace: 500 rupees
Jantar Mantar: 200 rupees
Amber Fort: 500 rupees
Jaigarh Fort: 85 rupees
Nahargarh Fort: 200 rupees

Extra expense:

Price for a rickshaw: 1000-1100 rupees

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