Caribbean feelings in Thailand? (SEA 22)

Caribbean feelings in Thailand? (SEA 22)

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If you arrive on a small island like Koh Lipe in the south of Thailand you are far away from thinking about the Caribbean. But when you make your first walk to see more (That’s not a long walk) you can find a Reggae bar named “Home Bar” owned by a guy called Noah.

He build this bar with so much effort and a lot of detailed wood work everywhere that this place is a must see for all backpackers coming to Koh Lipe. When we´ve been there he has opened a few days before and when we walked by the first day, sweating with our backpacks he was standing there and waving to us.

Hey guys! Tonight you come for some good Reggae music and a beer he shouted to us. And so we did. Noah is such a great guy. He´s Thai but he talks and acts like he´s born in Jamaica.

We had a lot of long conversation, played card games and had a few (ok a few more) Chang.

Chang is one of the biggest breweries in Thailand.

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