Annapurna Circuit: Tal Village to Timang (Nepal 5)

Annapurna Circuit: Tal Village to Timang (Nepal 5)

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I woke up at night because of the strong rain falling down on the metal roof. I felt asleep again and thought about the weather the next day. And my concerns were right. It was still raining when we woke up at morning. We had a breakfast and decided to wait until the rain ends.

At 11 am the rain stopped and we started to walk much later than expected. We had a look back on Tal village and walk up the trail until we had to cross another suspensions bridge. Than we were back on the jeep road. The weather was still not good and when it started to rain again we made a late lunch break in a village called Dharapani. We decided to eat lunch in a oldest and most instable looking tin shack. And it was a good idea. We had homemade super delicious and also very cheap Samosas with an friendly family.

Samosa is a fried or baked pastry with savory filling, such as spiced potatoas, onions, peas, lentils and also with ground meat. You will find them all over Nepal. Normally they are eaten as a snack at every day- or nighttime!

After 20 minutes the rain stopped again and we walked further. Our plan was to reach Timang that day. The climb up to Timang was no fun at all. It was steep and it started to rain again. On the late afternoon we reached the village and is was at totally out of power.

In Timang we found a good Teahouse with a small new wooden hut. The best thing on that hut was the wood oven inside. After a lukewarm shower we dried our clothes at the oven and relaxed our tired bones in the warm hut.

At the end of the the day we had… You´re right: Dal Bhat and tea. Then we felt to bed and it seems like we have to expect a cold night…

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