ALPS 2017

Alps-Crossing 2017 – From Garmisch Partenkirchen to Sölden

We had to change our Asian plans for 2017 because of work. We both haven´t had enough days off from work. But we found an alternative trekking tour wich could comfort our disappointment. It was an alps crossing on the L1 trail from Garmisch Partenkirchen to Brescia. We choosed this trail becaus we knew that the well known route E5 can be packed with trekkers during the main season. This is our travelogue about this trek through the German and Austrian alps!

Arrival and first ascent
Warm up: Arrival and first ascent (Alps 1)

Arrival via Würzburg and Munich to Garmisch Partenkirchen. Ascent to the first lodge.

The L1 to Brescia: Kreuzeckhaus – Reintalangerhütte (Alps 2)

The second day on the L1. From Kreuzeckhaus to the Reintalangerhütte.

The L1 to Brescia: Reintalangerhütte – Tillfussalm (Alps 3)

The third day on the L1. From Reintalangerhütte to Tillfussalm.

The L1 to Brescia: Tillfussalm – Wildermieming (Alps 4)

On day no. 4 we walked over the Nieder Munde down to Wildermieming.

The L1 to Brescia: Wildermieming – Pirchkogel – Dortmunder Hütte (Alps 5)

The longest part on our trip. From Wildermieming to the Dortmunder Hütte.

Finstertaler Speicher
The L1 to Brescia: Dortmunder Hütte – Schweinfurter Hütte (Alps 6)

From Kühtai over Finstertaler Speicher and Finstertaler Scharte to Schweinfurter Hütte.

The L1 to Brescia: Schweinfurter Hütte – Winnebachseehütte (Alps 7)

A beautiful trail up to the Zwieselbachferner and down to the Winnebachseehütte.

The L1 to Brescia: Winnebachseehütte – Amberger Hütte (Alps 8)

The route from the Wineebachseehütte to the Amberger Hütte in the Austrian Alps.

The L1 to Brescia: Another peak – The Gamskogel (Alps 9)

Another peak on our last day of the first part of the alps cross.