Where to stay in the Cameron Highlands

Where to stay in the Cameron Highlands

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How to become a bus driver in Malaysia

Before you want to work as a local bus driver in Malaysia – especially for the route Kuala Lumpur to Tanah Rata – you have to end earthly life in your mind. What shouldn´t be a problem when you are Hindu. The most important tool in a bus is the horn. You should use it every two minutes to make sure it still works. The next important tool is the accelerator. You ask about the brakes? Well, it´s good to have them but they are less important.

The bus driver on my way to Tanah Rata was a big fan of the Formula One Grand Prix as well. On the serpentines up to Tanah Rata he made it like Hamiltion or Vettel. No. both would look like little school boys next to him. He overtook trucks, busses and cars on every point at our route. The left or right side of a curve; it doesn´t matter. All the locals on the bus were relaxed. I wasn´t so. I was happy that I haven´t had a breakfast today.

The Orchid Lodge

I had a recommendation from a Belgian guy I met in KL. Ando so I stepped into the Orchid Lodge in Tanah Rata where I met the owner Kassim. What should I say… It´s a fantastic place to stay. Kassim is the friendliest host I´ve ever met. He made me feel like home after just a few minutes.

On the evening I relaxed in my new home and looked forward for the first jungle trail in the Cameron Highlands the next day.

Read my full review of The Orchid Lodge on TripAdvisor!

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