The start of something new (SEA 1)

Schwedagon Pagoda - Myanmar

The start of something new (SEA 1)

The secrets and mystery of South East Asia are like a magnet to me. My whole life I dreamed about a trip in South East Asia.

At the end of 2013 I made my dream come true. I booked two flights. One to Singapore and one back from Hanoi. Not less and not more. I started without any expectations and no concrete plan where to go and how long to stay on which place.

At the beginning of December I packed my little backpack said goodbye to my loved back home and stepped into a new world. It was the start of the greatest trip I´ve ever done. It was like a therapy changing my personality in a positive way. The start of seeing the world with different eyes.

This is the first entry in my diary about a 4 month trip in South East Asia.

Every feedback is welcome!

Enjoy reading!


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