The best Momos in Pokhara (Nepal 20)

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On our second day in Pokhara we decided to go out to find some good authentic Nepalese food. No, we where not looking for Dal Bhat. We had enough Dal Baht over the last few days ins the mountains.

We found a place called โ€œSabinas Momosโ€. As you can expect they serve traditional Nepalese Momos. Momos are typlical Nepalese filled dumplings. When you take a seat in this little restaurant you have to bring some time. It takes a while until you get your Momos. A good sign for fresh and homemade food. In my opinion the best Momos in Pokhara.

On the menu youยดll find Momos with meat and very delicious vegetarian Momos.

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